Exar Corporation

Exar Corporation

When GWA first contacted Exar Corporation <EXAR>, there were eight incumbent directors. Soon after the initial proxy was filed, Management expanded the Board to nine members. The incumbent Board rejected three of GWA’s compromise offers. After Management spent nearly $1 million of shareholders' money fighting GWA, the shareholders elected all three GWA candidates to the board with over 60% of the vote. Days later, the incumbent Chairman also resigned.  As a result of GWA’s efforts, the nine member Board was reduced to eight, of which three were the GWA nominees.

�Mr. Adams served as Chairman of the Audit Committee and Financial Expert in compliance with the exchange requirements for publicly listed companies. He also served on the Compensation Committee where executive compensation was revised with the assistance of Mercer Consulting. Additionally, he oversaw the revision of Director�s compensation being reduced almost 40% to conform with compensation practices of companies similar to EXAR.

With the acquisition of Sipex Corporation, Mr. Adams resigned from the EXAR Board on August 24, 2007�

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2007 August
Adams Resignation Press Release

Corporate Board Member

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